Metal Anilox Roller for Printing

Metal Anilox Roller for Printing

We have the imported new laser engraving machine, equipped with multi beam laser head, combined with fiber laser technology,
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Metal Anilox Roller for Printing Introduction

We have the imported new laser engraving machine, equipped with multi beam laser head, combined with fiber laser technology, improving roller engraving quality and at the same time greatly improving the production efficiency.Cooperated with one of the leading manufactures of laser engraved ceramic anilox roller supplier we can provide high quality anilox to machinery and printer all around.

Technical Parameter :

Screen count range

80-2000 LPI

Maximum width

5500mm ( with axis)

Diameter range

25-600 mm

Screen angle

1-89 degree

Cell shape

hexagon , quadrangle and line , etc or according to your actual requirement

Metal Anilox Roller for Printing Advantage:

1.Anti-fraying, Anti-corrosive, Thermo stability, Long-life service and Cost-saving
2.The cell engraved by ALE fiber laser engraving machine ,has a large quantity of Ink-containing .And the cell has a regular shape and a smooth cell-wall and cell-bottom. Thus, not only can the ink in the cell release quickly, but also it can easily to clean.
3.Taking strict process of plasma-sprayed ceramic layer, guarantees the porosity, the thickness and the uniformity of the layer.
4.Combined with the super-alloy stainless steel layer to ensure the solid combination of the ceramic layer and the roller base. So, it can present the corrosive substance of the printing ink to plug into the roller base effectively.
6.Good corrosion resistance
7.High bond strength with the base metal, Low TIR
8.Volume report for each anilox


1. Flexographic Printing, Lithography Printing, Gravure Printing

2.Label, Envelop, Paper Forms, Handbag, Corrugated Box

3.PE-Film, Coated Paper Products, Glazing Wallpapers, Wooden-patterned Paper, etc.
4.Optvcal Film, Release Film, Lithium battery Diaphragm, Aluminum Foil

5.Seamless Flexographic


1. Q: How you arrange shipment?

A: By Sea/By Train/By Air or By Express, 15-30days Against Deposit.

2. Q: What are your main products?

A: Our main products are embossing machines, calenders and rollers.

3. Q: Which countries have you exported to?

We have exported to India, Egypt, Iran, Turkey, Syria, Vietnam, Lebanon and so on.

4. Q: How is your goods quality?

A: We cooperated with many world class companied for many years, for examples. Our products received good response from our customers.

5. Q: How many working staff in your company?

A: We have five operators, two engineers, two sales and one accountant and one officer, totally 11.