Type Of Laminating Machine

- Aug 08, 2018-

Plastic Spray Type

Application: This machine is suitable for the composite between textiles, textiles and other fabrics.

Characteristics: The glue is transferred evenly to the cloth by spraying glue, then it is compounded with the cloth.

Flame type

Application: It is suitable for the combination of sponge and other textiles and non-woven products. Features: Used in flame-retardant sponge as adhesive material, no glue.

After the flame spray to dissolve the adhesion, especially suitable for plush, suede velvet adhesion, with environmental protection, feel good, washable and so on.

Mesh Belt Type Use: The machine is suitable for sponge, cloth, EVA, human leather and non-woven fabrics, such as adhesive composite. The use of high-temperature-resistant mesh belt pressure, improve the smoothness of the product, improve the adhesion of products, while occupying less land. This machine uses the frequency conversion synchronization control, realizes the compound main dryer to produce the cloth and the compound rewinding work synchronously, uses more conveniently.