Roller Introduction

- Aug 08, 2018-

After using about D, the roller has its own rupture at about 260mm of the shaft head, the sound is very large when breaking, and the fracture shaft head collapses nearly 1 m. The roller belongs to the variable cross-section axis, the maximum diameter is 545mm, the total length is 2 296 mm, the material grade 40Cr, after forging, coarse car, quenching and tempering heat treatment and precision vehicle and other processes. The initial forging temperature is 1 150 ℃, the final forging temperature is 850 ℃, the heat treatment quenching and tempering process is 860 ℃ insulation 4.5 h, the oven oil quenching, cold to 230 ℃ out oil pool, 580 ℃ tempering heat preservation 6 h produce slow cold. The hardness requirement is (255~286) HB.