Notice Of Tipping Machine

- Aug 08, 2018-

1. Small bronzing machine must be based on the different varieties of iron, select the appropriate hot stamping foil.

Hot stamping must master the temperature, pressure, hot stamping speed of the three-party cooperation, and according to the hot stamping materials, hot stamping area differences. 

2.The speed and direction of the cutting tool should be grasped well. 

3.Anodized hot stamping foil should be selected properties suitable for paper, ink (especially black ink), kerosene, composite glue, hot stamping parts must keep dry

Dryness, lest cause bronzing layer oxidation or damage.

4.The general packaging is: 64cmx120m a volume, each 10 rolls a box, can be customized width of 64CM, length of 120M or 360m large volume or other special specifications. 

5. Store to stand, prevent pressure, moisture, heat, sunscreen, put in a cool ventilated place.