Knitted Fabric Bonding Laminating Machine

Knitted Fabric Bonding Laminating Machine

This inspecting machine is applied for inspection of various knitted and woven fabric,rolling fabric,measure length and yardage of fabric.
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Knitted Fabric Bonding Laminating Machine Introduction

1.This inspecting machine is applied for inspection of various knitted and woven fabric,rolling fabric,measure length and yardage of fabric.

2.Infrared electric eyes are use to supervise the edge alignment device and make the rolled fabric more tidy.

3.Advanced electric length counter can measure the length of fabric precisely.

4.Dual frequency adjustment device, forward and reverse continuously variable transmission,applicable for winding,uncoiling and inspecting fabric.

5.Coiler tension control system makes the degree of tightness of fabric in rolls more flexible.

6.Stainless steel working table,the light box is edge covered by alloy.

7.Stainless steel fabric spreading axis is used to spread the corrugated fabric.

8.Other special requirements can be customizable.

Technical Parameter:

Effective Working Area Width


Laminating Speed




Glue Type

PU Glue



Overall Size



Knitted Fabric Bonding Laminating Machine Advantages:

1. The machine in the conventional glue-point laminating machine based on the upgrade of the automatic correction, automatic alignment, automatic stripping, automatic cloth, automatic opening, automatic blowing waste and other functions. So that the composite material is more uniform coating, composite formation, no tensile deformation, no blistering, wrinkle, soft, breathable excellent, neat winding, peel fastness, washable and so on.

2. Composite varieties, especially for cloth patch, woolen cloth wool, cloth paste leather, cloth film, sponge patch, sponge leather, fabric paste double-sided or four-sided elastic knitted fabric and other materials fit;

3. Close, put the volume can be based on different materials, to choose the appropriate configuration;

4. According to the characteristics of different materials can increase or decrease part of the device;

5. Suitable for water-soluble and solvent-based coating compound, to achieve a multi-purpose function.
6. The amount of glue and glue patterns can be adjusted according to actual needs and materials.

7. Drum heating can be electricity, steam or heat transfer oil to heat the way.

8. The machine roll width according to the actual maximum width of the material to be specific.

9. The whole system can be used intelligent PLC program touch screen or mechanical operation and control.


Quality control:

1. Checking raw material before producing.

2. Checking one by one before the assembling

3. Checking one by one during the production

4. Have the random inspection before the delivery.


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