Working principle and application of sofa and curtain fabric embossing machine

- Jan 08, 2019-

All along, we have followed the footsteps of the market and introduced sofa and curtain fabric embossing machine that is more energy-saving, faster in embossing, automatic feeding, automatic cloth distribution, and fully automatic seamless seamless fabric. The embossing machine has been continuously tested by the factory: it can now be practically applied to embossing on ordinary fabrics, knitted fabrics and flannel.

Before using the product, the user should first check the fastening of each part of the sofa curtain fabric embossing machine, especially the foot support, the movable screw, the upper and lower movable guide, the current stability, the fan and the steering screw. The machine is not only suitable for the embossing, pressing and pressing of large-scale clothing and apparel fabrics, but also suitable for small hand workshops for processing leather materials, denim fabrics, seed preparation garments, pressure fabrics for garment fabrics, and embossing.

In the operation process, the sofa and curtain fabric embossing machine mainly uses the processed material in the high-frequency electromagnetic wave electric field, and the internal molecular structure of the plastic is polarized, and then the pressure is applied to achieve the purpose of complete welding.

In general, sofa and curtain fabric embossing machines are usually used mainly in the garment processing industry, plastics, plastic packaging industry, medical supplies industry, automotive interior parts industry, furniture industry and inflatable toy industry.