Which products are used for finishing of textile calender finishing machine

- Jun 27, 2019-

The calendering of a textile calender finishing machine is a finishing process applied to textiles. During the calendering process, the roll material is transferred between pairs of heated rolls to create a shiny surface. Calendering is the end process in which heat and pressure are applied to the fabric and transferred between the heated rolls to smooth the surface of the fabric. As heat and pressure increase, the gloss increases.


Textile calender finishing machine are suitable for fabrics that require a smooth, flat surface, such as most cotton, linen and silk, as well as a variety of artificial fabrics. Feeding the material into the calender rolls tends to bend due to the large separation forces created in the calender gap. The deflection of the rolls is compensated by the use of a convex roll having an intermediate diameter larger than the end diameter or by bending or tilting the rolls.


The textile calender finishing machine is in principle similar to steel hot rolling into thin sheets. It is worth noting that strip casting of semi-solid alloys can be modeled by hydrodynamic lubrication approximation of the power-law viscosity model, just like plastic calendering. The calendering process is also widely used in the paper industry.www.embochina.com