What is the embossing process of the plate 3D fabric embossing machine?

- Dec 24, 2018-

The plate 3D fabric embossing machine is simple and reliable, and the machine uses pneumatic cylinders as the motive force to perform work, so it can maintain efficient operation even after long-term use. The work process has no impact and can greatly improve work efficiency, processing quality and mold life. The user can operate with two-handed buttons, and the safety is high; there is a foot switch for standby, and releasing the hands improves the work efficiency.

In actual work, according to the production requirements, the automatic punching cycle of the plate 3D fabric embossing machine can be properly adjusted, and the electronic control can be automatically and continuously stamped for the field of electromechanical integration. At the same time, it also has the advantages of hot stamping pressure, temperature, time adjustable, adjustable height of the stamping head, and unevenness.

During the operation of the the plate 3D fabric embossing machine, the embossing is mainly performed by a temperature controlled heating plate. When embossing, the heating plate is placed between two plastic parts, and when the workpiece is in close contact with the heating plate, the plastic begins to melt. With the heating process, the plastic on the surface of the workpiece will reach a certain degree of melting. At this time, the workpiece is separated to the two sides, the heating plate is removed, and then the two pieces are joined together, after reaching a certain embossing time and embossing depth. The entire embossing process is completed.