What details and operation should be paid attention to when operating the curtain fabric embossing machine?

- Apr 01, 2019-

The vibrating cylinder of the curtain fabric embossing machine fixes the vibrator and the steel mold during the operation, and the whole equipment supports the main body of the machine, and the pedal of the curtain embossing machine is in the right foot position during operation, when in use It is necessary to control the operation of the flower wheel and the steel mold. Flower wheel pedal: In the left foot position, control the flower wheel lift.


What details should be paid attention to when operating the curtain fabric embossing machine?

1. The curtain fabric embossing machine is forbidden to extend the hand and other parts of the body into the machine during the operation. When the manual feeding is done, the cloth should be in the shape of a bow. The spirit should be concentrated at a high speed. During the operation of the curtain embossing machine, If there is any fault, it should be stopped immediately. It is strictly forbidden to disassemble the equipment to avoid damage to the components. The professional maintenance personnel should be notified in time for maintenance.

2. Curtain embossing machine needs to do the inspection work before operation, and also should be lubricated for all parts to ensure the lubricity between the parts to reduce friction and wear. After the end of production, it should be cleaned and maintained. Improve the efficiency of the gin machine.

3. Regularly check and repair the curtain fabric embossing machine every year, check the wear degree of each component, and timely replace and adjust the worn and damaged parts to ensure the service performance of each component to extend the service life of the gin