What are the distinctive features of the polyester embossing machine

- Jun 29, 2019-

The polyester embossing machine has a fast working speed and high efficiency. At the same time, pressing the hand on both sides to activate the switch button, the heating plate is automatically pressed down, and the process is automatically lifted. The original foot switch is improved to a two-hand start button, making your operation safer and more reliable. The 2-in-1 smart LED displays temperature and time with greater accuracy.


The polyester embossing machine adopts the process completion signal indication, automatic countdown, work alarm, and the heating plate is automatically picked up, and the operation is more worry-free. The heating time is short, safe and durable, and the temperature is uniform. It is widely used in the production line, and the processing plate is fluorinated and anti-adhesive coating, which has long service life and convenient cleaning.


Polyester embossing machine line type high-grade design, new shape, compact and light, the machine structure is more stable, the appearance is more beautiful, and the operation is more convenient. Polyester embossing machine to replace the heating parts, please first shut down and unplug the main power plug, the hot stamping head connection plug and the electric control box connection socket must be aligned, the electric control box is not connected to the heating parts, do not start. The machine cannot be burned.www.embochina.com