Various embossing materials and models for 3D embossing machines

- Oct 09, 2018-

There are many kinds of embossing materials commonly used in 3D embossing machines. One is plastic embossing materials, such as PVC plastic embossing, EVA plastic embossing, PU embossing, TPU embossing, PE embossing, PET embossing, PETG. Embossing, AGA embossing, APET embossing; the other is leather embossing materials, including artificial leather material embossing, PU leather embossing, leather leather material embossing, mirror leather embossing, top layer leather embossing , two layers of leather embossed.


In addition, there will be embossing materials for clothing fabrics: polyester embossing, embossed cotton, embossed cotton, embossed flocking fabric, embossed wool, embossed denim; and other embossed materials , using 3D embossing machine to carry out embossing materials with different requirements.


3D embossing machines are available in different models, such as single-head pneumatic push-pull sliding high-frequency heat sealing machine and single-head pneumatic turntable high-frequency heat sealing machine; double-head pedal, single-head pusher oil type Heat sealing machine, PVC leather sealing machine, leather sealing machine, garment embossing machine; four-column gantry PVC film structure embossing machine; automatic high-frequency heat sealing machine.