Use and performance characteristics of napkin paper embossing machine

- Mar 08, 2019-

Use and performance characteristics of napkin paper embossing machine

Napkin paper embossing machine is a special equipment for the beautiful processing of paper surface. It is suitable for all kinds of packaging, trademarks, invitations, business cards, book covers, various papers, aluminum-plastic composite materials and leather and metal sheets. Mechanism, electromagnetic clutch protection.


After the embossing treatment of the napkin paper embossing machine, it can greatly improve the surface aesthetic effect. It is the ideal equipment for improving the product grade, strengthening the anti-counterfeiting and protecting the trademark in the packaging and printing industry. The machine has beautiful appearance, reasonable design, complete functions and operation. Convenience.


The performance characteristics of the napkin paper embossing machine are cheap, economical, durable, easy to manufacture and fast. The surface of the rim is fast and the temperature can be controlled up to 80-150 degrees. The pressure adjustment is simple and accurate, and the precision is accurate. The working speed of the embossing machine can be adjusted at will.


The delivery system in the napkin paper embossing machine operates with the wind pressure circuit and the mechanical structure, with low noise, low failure rate, easy paper size replacement, and can be freely extracted during operation; the embossing host system uses the supporting tooth conveying method, and Automatically enters and retracts the tube, and the unloading version is convenient and simple; the equipment is equipped with imported electrical accessories and PLC control machine to make the operation more accurate and stable, and the paper feeder adopts the latest paper feeding mode to ensure high-efficiency paper feeding. The new pull gauge makes proofreading faster and more accurate.