Three-dimensional pattern and scope of fabric embossing machine

- Aug 22, 2018-

The fabric embossing machine is effectively formed by the high temperature molding of its embossing machine, high resistance and good fluidity.The embossing mold has good mold release property, high transparency, strong adhesion, good flexibility, strong firmness, high-temperature washing water does not fall off, and the type is unchanged, the leather material does not change color, does not change hard, and is wear-resistant,The leather embossed pattern is natural and realistic, and the three-dimensional pattern of the embossed leather pattern is maintained for a long time.

In the operation of the fabric embossing machine, the principle of electric heating and temperature control is mainly used. When the operation is performed, the heating tube is used to heat the surface of the embossing mold, the surface of the leather is coated with a glue, and then the shape of the embossing mold is used to add a certain amount. The pressure of the pressure can achieve a perfect embossing effect.

The scope of the fabric embossing machine is effective, including leather handbags, leather goods, leather, pu leather, pvc leather, car airbags, car seat cushions, leather, leather wallets, flannel, printing / hot word / logo (trademark) pressure Printing, hot stamping, hot pressing, hot pressing, leather embossing, leather embossing, stationery stickers, pvc foaming products, abs bbs and other footwear trademarks, car seat cushions, cloth embossing, leather trademarks, leather patterns.