The working principle of the embossing machine

- Jul 25, 2019-

Embossing machinery and equipment, in clothing accessories manufacturers, garment manufacturers, luggage manufacturers, are basically using high-frequency clothing embossing machines, processing products in addition to clothing, shoes and hats, bags, belts, purses and other types of clothing accessories, Embossing of leather products, etc. The operation performance of the embossing machine is stable, the machine running loss is low, and the user-friendly operation mode design makes the safety performance of the garment embossing machine higher, so that the enterprise customer friends do not have to worry about the safety of the employees, so that they can be assured of production.

(1) The pneumatic cylinder is used as the motive force to perform the work, and the movement is stable and the performance is reliable.

(2) The automatic punching cycle time is adjustable, and the electronic control can be automatically and continuously stamped for the field of mechatronics.

(3) Two-hand button operation, high safety; there is a foot switch for standby, releasing the hands improves the work efficiency.

(4) The work process has no impact, which can greatly improve work efficiency, processing quality and mold life.

(5) Automatic counting function.

(6) The stamping pressure, temperature and time are adjustable, the height of the stamping head is adjustable, and the printed surface has a concave and convex feeling.

(7) This machine adopts advanced microcomputer temperature control system, which is made of high quality steel. It is easy to use, practical, durable, low power consumption and good thermal effect.