The use characteristics and working principle of 3D flat fabric embossing machine

- May 10, 2019-

The 3D flat fabric embossing machine has a high degree of automation during the running process, and the upper mold of the device is lowered - the embossing unevenness - the upper mold rising, etc. can be preset and automatically completed at one time. 3D flat fabric embossing machine is more reliable in customizing various specifications of embossing machine. More efficient. Manufacturers now supply garment cut pieces concave and convex letters embossing machine bumping color embossing machine.

The 3D flat fabric embossing machine mainly uses the electric heating temperature control working principle, uses a heating tube to heat the surface of the embossing mold, coats the surface of the leather with a glue, and then uses the shape of the embossing mold to add a certain pressure to make the 3D concave and convex Embossing machine, garment cutting plate flat embossing embossing machine, free embossing technology process itself to quickly press out the concave and convex effect pattern, 3D concave and convex effect, concave and convex pattern, uneven fine lines.

3D flat fabric embossing machine features

1) Use an inductive probe with extremely high sensitivity.

2) The electronic heating controller is used to control the temperature, and the temperature error is controlled at plus or minus 2 degrees.

3) With electronic thermostat, the number is more intuitive and easy to adjust.

4) Adopting the cylinder limit operation mode.

5) The use of two-hand button control greatly improves the safety of the operator.