The function of hydraulic embossing machine and its difference from pneumatic embossing machine

- Nov 10, 2018-

The hydraulic embossing machine is mainly used for flattening the connection of copper and aluminum busbars, embossing, enhancing the conductivity and extending the maintenance period. It adopts plug-in structure to ensure the uniformity of force of copper and aluminum row; and single-oil oil system design, high output and high efficiency; and it can ensure that the shape is not deformed and burr-free.


The hydraulic embossing machine uses the hydraulic system on the construction machinery, which brings the advantages of high pressure, stable operation, quiet, and little interference from the outside world. Of course, the cost is also relatively higher than that of the air pressure type embossing machine, because the air pressure type embossing machine uses the air source as the power, the pressure is small, and the running smoothness is easily affected by the pressure of the air source, which will affect the quality of the product. Compared to hydraulic embossing machines, the cost is low.


When choosing an embossing machine, first determine the size of your product and its properties. If it is small or does not require high pressure, it is purely used for thermal transfer or gumming process, then the air pressure type embossing machine can also be used. If the customer has higher requirements for the product and the funds are allowed, the wider the range of products that can be made in the future, the hydraulic embossing machine can be directly considered. If it is a large product. The pressure is high and requires a certain amount of pressure to achieve the shape of the embossing embossing, then you need to choose a hydraulic embossing machine.