The effect and main components of the three roller embossing machine

- Jan 03, 2019-

Thanks to the introduction of advanced technology and improvement, the three roller embossing machine we provide is advanced in structure, simple in operation, fast in roll changing, and ideal for calendering. The  three roller embossing machine is composed of an upper roller for electrothermal chrome-plated mirror roller, a middle wool paper roller, and a lower roller with a chrome-plated mirror surface for calendering of nylon roller, pure cotton fiber and blended fabric.

After the treatment of the  three roller embossing machine, it has the effects of making the fabric shiny, stiff and tightly structured, and can also be used for embossing and foaming of pure cotton and chemical fiber fabrics. The roller of the machine adopts a high exchange rate jacket structure and is equipped with an automatic temperature-controlled hot water exchanger. The temperature control precision is high, the roller surface temperature is uniform, the roller working surface is plated with hard chrome and processed by super-fine mirror surface.

In practical applications, the  three roller embossing machine runs smoothly and the roller running speed can be adjusted as needed. Wide speed range and high precision. The auxiliary machine adopts a bridge type slow cooling roller road, and is equipped with a device for cutting waste, pulling, winding and the like. In addition, embossing devices and fixed length cutting machines can be added to further expand the use of the unit.