The characteristics of Textiles Fabric Embossing Machine and its basic use

- Oct 22, 2018-

TheTextiles Fabric Embossing Machine is mainly used for embossing, creping and pressing of trademarks on various fabrics, and can also be pressed on non-woven fabrics or artificial leathers and papers. Because the L-shaped structural design is adopted, an effective space saving can be achieved, and a good saving can be made for the space.


The Textiles Fabric Embossing Machine also has an infinite frequency variable frequency speed control system, which is very stable in operation and convenient for debugging. What is more remarkable is that the whole machine adopts a modular design, so it is very convenient and simple to replace parts.


The Textiles Fabric Embossing Machine mainly adopts the principle of rod stalk operation, the powerful type head, the pressure of the machine head can be adjusted at will, and the corresponding pressure is adjusted according to the actual requirements of different welding products. The head design is two linear guides, Shandong Weifang new fabric embossing machine, the machine head will not swing under any circumstances, and the precision processing of raw materials for positioning color is precisely selected.


The output power of the Textiles Fabric Embossing Machine is powerful. The special electronic circuit of various control devices can avoid improper operation, and can weld the product in a fast time and improve the output of the product. The high-sensitivity spark protection device can automatically cut off the high-cycle circuit when the spark is generated. To reduce the damage of the machine and the object, when the current is too high, automatically cut off the high voltage to ensure the oscillation tube and the rectifier.