The biggest structural features and performance characteristics of the three-roll embossing machine

- Oct 26, 2018-

The biggest structural feature of the three-roll embossing machine is that the three pressure rollers are surrounded by a φ700mm diameter light roller to form an intact heating and ironing space for the leather. The three pressure rollers can be pneumatically pressurized with 0-6 Kg/, and the front and rear pressure rollers can be hydraulically pressurized from 0 to 150 Kg/, which has the advantage that the original single pressure roller ironing embossing machine can not match.


The three pressure rollers of the three-roll embossing machine can be applied to the characteristics and requirements of various leather surfaces by using one-point, two-point or three-point pressure and different pressure combinations. For example, the low-temperature low-pressure ironing of the bag leather and the garment leather can reveal the natural pores of the leather surface and be smooth and uniform, without loosening the surface, and without the brightness deviation of the leather surface.


The upper part of the three-roll embossing machine features a knurling machine, and the lower part is equipped with a more complete ironing combination than the rolling machine, so it can be ironed or embossed with a sanding roller. The surface of the super-mirror surface roller is brightened by the surface of the stencil, which improves the grade. There is no deviation of the brightness of the leather surface during low temperature and low pressure operation. It can guarantee the uniformity of the products, especially the high performance guarantee when processing high-grade leather.


The three-roll embossing machine automatically displays and automatically controls the temperature up to 190 °C. A spare roller preheating device is provided, and the spare roller is heated in advance before the roller is changed. The heating is fast and does not affect the temperature of the work roller, and the rollover time can be saved. Each conveyor belt adopts frequency conversion stepless speed regulation, and is equipped with a frequency converter heat sink device, which automatically displays the speed of each conveyor belt, clearly reflects the speed difference, and is beneficial to realize the leather wrinkle-free pressing and pressing.