Textile calender finishing machine and inspection and operation process

- Apr 05, 2019-

The textile calender finishing machine should clean and maintain the machine every day or every shift during the operation. Before cleaning, the power should be turned off. When cleaning, do not spray water or steam directly on the machine to prevent water from leaking into the electric box. The main components of cleaning.


In the process of running the textile calender finishing machine if debris accumulates in the product transportation line, it is removed by air compressor or other methods.


Monthly maintenance and inspection of textile calender finishing machine

(1) Grease the chain (wheel) in the transmission component;

(2) Check if the chain and belt of the transmission parts are tight, if it is loose, tighten it;

(3) Check if the set screws or nuts of each component are loose, and if it is loose, press it tightly.


Check the textile calender finishing machine every six months

(1) Check if the belt of the transmission part is worn out, if it is more worn, it needs to be updated;

(2) Check all kinds of wearing parts, pay attention to timely replacement;

(3) Check whether the connection on the electrical connection board is firm, check the transformer, circuit board, etc. for dust or dirt, and blow dry with a compressor.