System requirements and precautions for textile three roller calendering machine

- Jan 24, 2019-

The textile three roller calendering machine needs to carry out the system before starting the machine. It should be carefully checked during use. The relevant operators need to check the equipment, including the operation of the temperature control device, all electrical contact signals, the sensitivity of the machine, lubrication. Whether the lubricating oil in the part is sufficient, the temperature is suitable, whether there is any debris in the rolling machine roll gap and whether the spacing is suitable, and the safety device should be carefully inspected, which is the maintenance before the  textile three roller calendering machine is turned on.

The main engine of the  textile three roller calendering machine should start from a low speed and then slowly increase the speed until the normal working speed. When heating the calender roll, it should gradually heat up during the operation, and the temperature is the same. . The temperature of the roller heating and the rubber compound should be adjusted and added according to the size and amount of the process. Pay more attention when adjusting the roll distance. Also, check the indications of each instrument and meter properly. If there is any abnormality in the equipment, if it is found to be abnormal, take timely measures to solve it.

Textile three-roll calender should pay attention to the work.

After the work of the textile three-roll calender, the shaft crossover device should be adjusted to the“zero” position, the roller distance should be enlarged, and after the rubber is removed, the roller can be stopped when the roller temperature drops below 60 °C. After the shutdown, the valves and power source are turned off, the debris is cleaned, and the machine is regularly maintained and maintained.