Structural composition and quality assurance of PVC fabric embossing machine

- Nov 03, 2018-

The whole of the PVC fabric embossing machine is mainly composed of a main machine, a screen changer, a mold, a tablet press, a laminating device, a conveying table, a tractor, a winder or a cutting machine; the gear box of the reduction body is made of cast steel. The gears are made of alloy steel and are ground by grinding. The lubrication points in the tank are all forced lubrication, and the lubricating oil is equipped with a high-efficiency water cooling system.


The screw material in the PVC fabric embossing machine is made of high-quality nitrided steel, and is nitrided and sprayed on the surface; it is suitable for hot-melt rubber shoes, hot-melt glue Hong Kong treasure, dispensing cloth, stereotyped cloth shoes. Manufacturers draw on advanced technology and continue to lead innovation and innovation, and have always led the industry standards.


Therefore, the PVC fabric embossing machine is not only guaranteed in quality and practical, but can be put into production by direct installation, and the machine has a long service life. At the same time, PVC fabric embossing machine manufacturers will also provide perfect and reliable after-sales service, and have a more competitive advantage in the market.