Structural advantages of stainless steel plate embossing machine

- Nov 20, 2018-

The stainless steel plate embossing machine adopts a double-action pressing structure, which successively presses the pattern around the steel plate. Compared with the single-action pressing method, the pressed surface is flat, the pattern is clear, there are no wrinkles at the corners, and there are no cracks and the like, especially the deep drawing effect has obvious advantages.

Compared with other similar products, stainless steel plate embossing machine has high cost performance, low one-time investment cost, low electric power, low energy consumption, less use of hydraulic oil, and no need for polyurethane cushion. The operation is simple, no high-tech professional training is required, and the combination valve is manually operated, safe and reliable, and does not cause a valve blocking phenomenon.

The stainless steel plate embossing machine applies the modern design concept to force analysis and optimization design, with reasonable structure and beautiful appearance. The hydraulic system and the selection of components in the electronic control system are all well-known manufacturers at home and abroad, ensuring the safe and effective operation of the equipment as a whole, greatly reducing the frequency and cost of maintenance. In addition, the stainless steel plate embossing machine can also be converted from double action to single action according to the user's needs, so as to be used for the suppression of the sub-gate pattern.