Standard and speed control of single side pressure three roller calender

- Apr 03, 2019-

The single-face pressure three-roll calender is a specially treated stainless steel endless steel belt that is equipped with a plurality of sets of far-infrared heating sources inside the hot-pressing rolls to provide the heat required for calendering. The pressure of the pressure roller is mostly electro-hydraulic pressure regulation system, which can accurately meet the pressure requirement in calendering. The calendering speed can be controlled by a speed-regulating drive motor or a slip motor.


The basic principle of single side pressure three roller calender in the process of calendering or ironing paper

(1) Paper calendering is a mechanical process that causes the web to be compressed and improve surface properties. Therefore, calendering reflects the quality standards of the papermaking and coating process.

(2) The calendering effect includes three elements: pressure, paper and paper roll related deformation and temperature.

(3) The efficiency of calendering is a rough balance between the responsiveness of the coated paper and the total amount of calendering provided. The responsiveness of the coated paper is predetermined by the characteristics of the paper and its coating.

(4) The total amount of paper and/or coating properties subjected to calendering is limited. Exceeding the limit, calendering usually degrades the quality of the paper and correspondingly loses printability.

(5) Coated paper performance is the sum of the internal properties of the paper itself plus the external properties of the coating (based on the recent point of view, the internal properties of the coating are also important).