Sofa and curtain fabric embossing machine configuration and suitable fabric

- Oct 19, 2018-

The sofa and curtain fabric embossing machine mainly uses the electric heating temperature control working principle, uses a heating tube to heat the surface of the embossing mold, coats the surface of the leather with a glue, and then uses the shape of the embossing mold to add a certain pressure to make the garment Fabric fabric embossing machine, fabric embossing technology itself temperature quickly pressed out the bump effect pattern, 3D bump effect, concave and convex pattern, uneven fine lines.


Compared with the traditional equipment, the sofa and curtain embossing machine adopts the induction probe with high precision and high sensitivity. The electronic heating controller controls the temperature and can control the temperature error at plus or minus 2 degrees. At the same time, the device uses an electronic thermostat, the number is more intuitive, and the adjustment is convenient and simple. The use of cylinder limit operation mode and two-hand button control greatly improves the safety of operators.


Sofas and curtain fabric embossing machines are suitable for a wide range of fabrics including chiffon, woven fabrics, cotton, crepe, flocking, and wind cloth, jacquard, grey cloth, washed cloth, poplin, baiba yarn/glass Yarn, cotton gauze, yarn-dyed fabric, chambray cloth, denim, oxford cloth, corduroy, etc. can also be produced by embossing artificial leather, which is a device that can help customers generate benefits.