Sewing, lace and bronzing requirements for non-woven embossing machines

- Aug 29, 2018-

The non-woven embossing machine can be processed continuously to a certain extent. It can be operated at a high speed and can be mass-produced and can be rotated. When the operation is performed, only the flower wheel needs to be replaced to process various shapes of curves and spots. Sewing mesh welding, computer design, computer engraving model, special manufacturing sample completion, high precision, long life.

Sewing of non-woven embossing machine: Ultrasonic directly suturing all kinds of fabrics without needle thread, thus achieving waterproof effect.

Lace of non-woven embossing machine: Ultrasonic can be used to press all kinds of leather/fabric into any pattern without burrs.

Bronzing of non-woven embossing machine: Ultrasonic can be used for bronzing on all kinds of leather/cloth, which is fast and effective.

Non-woven embossing machine edging: Ultrasonic can be used to edging various types of leather/cloth.

In the operation of the non-woven embossing machine, it is mainly equipped with special equipment for automatic folding - ultrasonic pressure line automatic folding, shearing angle - ultrasonic cutting, one-time completion, high efficiency. With the addition of ultrasonic opening and ultrasonic welding hand straps, a variety of non-woven bags can be produced.