Safety protection device and operation process of metal sheet embossing machine

- Jan 31, 2019-

The metal sheet embossing machine mainly uses vacuum electron tube in the process of operation, and its output power is relatively stable. The design of the machine head mainly uses the principle of pushing the lever by the toggle joint to make the pressure uniform and the landing is stable.

The pressure can be adjusted freely, so that the product can maintain excellent results.

The safety protection device of the metal sheet embossing machine automatically cuts off the high voltage when the current load exceeds the limit value during the working process, and can effectively protect the oscillation tube and the rectifier when used. Electrode and material damage is minimized and the warning light is also illuminated.

The embossing machine automatic over-current protection system: automatic over-current protection system can increase the service life of the vacuum tube and protect the mold.

The embossing machine avoids radio interference devices: it has a high-frequency frequency stabilizer and a high-frequency shielding device to minimize high-frequency interference.

Embossing machine heating device: stepless heating and temperature regulating device, which can adjust the temperature according to the production needs of different products, so that the working efficiency is higher.