Safety procedures for toilet paper embossing machines

- Mar 25, 2019-

Before the operation of the toilet paper embossing machine, clean the machine first, and check the power knife switch, the tightness of the grinding wheel, the protective cover or the safety baffle before starting. The console must be stable and there should be enough at night. Illumination is allowed to start after the safety is confirmed. Turn on the power, set the temperature, set the embossing gap, and turn on the cooling water.


When the temperature rises to the standard, first wear the guide cloth to connect the product to the machine. After the mechanical operation is normal, the material is cut off. When the material is cut off, the end of the cutting machine must be clamped with the clamp, and then the cutting machine is used to force the hand. Slowly add force downwards, and you can't suddenly increase the force when you start cutting, so as not to damage the cutting wheel and the grinding wheel to fly out and hurt people.


After the product has passed through the toilet paper embossing machine, the thickness and width of the product are measured. When the thickness is insufficient, the pressure wheel spacing or pressure should be checked. The general pressure is 15-20KG. When the width is insufficient, the tension is reduced, and when the reinforced embossing is about 25cm, It needs to be clamped by the clamp, and it is not allowed to feed directly by hand.


After the work of the toilet paper embossing machine is completed, the power should be turned off, the door should be locked, and the rainproof measures should be taken for the open work. It is strictly forbidden to put water on the electric control box, and it is strictly forbidden to put things in the box to enhance safety awareness. The winding tension of the toilet paper embossing machine varies with the size of the winding and does not cause the product to wrinkle and damage the product.