Rexine embossing machine made of special materials

- Sep 28, 2018-

Rexine embossing machine is made of special high-quality materials, which can make the equipment have high temperature resistance. The felt sleeve contains heat-shrinkable fiber material, and the felt sleeve will automatically shrink and be tightly wrapped after heating. The felt cover has a flat surface, uniform density and good wear resistance. long lasting. Rexine embossing machine is suitable for all kinds of fabric, leather, plastic embossing and embossing and indentation process.


The Rexine embossing machine uses an upper film insulation design, so that the finished product is of the same quality and continuous use can reduce energy consumption. In its structure, the aluminum alloy heating plate is configured to ensure its durability and durability, and the heat conduction is quick and uniform, and the film has no residue. The lower membrane is equipped with a high temperature resistant silicone mat for a wider range of applications and better processing quality.


In addition, Rexine embossing machine has reasonable structure, stable operation for a long time, low failure efficiency, flexible operation, simple and convenient maintenance and high safety factor. The machine is mainly used to control the temperature up and down, to achieve the effect of leather embossing, leather embossing, leather embossing, washing water zipper setting machine.