Repair quality and environment of cotton pulp paper roll

- May 06, 2019-

In order to improve the quality of the cotton pulp paper roll during the operation of the cotton pulp paper roll, the improvement of the repairing efficiency and repair quality of the cotton pulp paper roll is greatly improved by improving the process scheme of several repairing cotton pulp paper rolls. The problem of dust contamination during the repair of the cotton pulp paper roll. Practice has shown that paper rolls with large surface pits or indentations can be quickly removed by the turning repair process, but the repair quality is poor, and the water-cooled wet grinding method can greatly improve the repair cotton paper roll. The accuracy and roughness of its surface.

In the process of making cotton pulp paper rolls, high-professional, high-matching cotton pulp paper rolls are used. It is because of the help of these tools that the quality of the cotton pulp paper rolls can be improved to meet the basic needs of the use environment. . The main raw material of cotton pulp paper is cotton linters, which contain relatively pure cellulose, and the fibers are slender and elastic, and have the characteristics of toughness, breakage resistance and good absorption, so that the cotton pulp paper produced is fine and soft. It is opaque and has good water absorption and can be stored for a long time.

In order not to damage the characteristics of the cotton pulp paper, the cotton pulp paper roller should not have any destructive force during operation, and at the same time ensure that the pattern of the cotton pulp paper roll can be perfectly printed onto the cotton pulp. On