PU leather embossing machine output power is powerful

- Jan 17, 2019-

PU leather embossing machine is mainly used for various PVC-based plastic welding, welding, etc., and different shapes of blister or blister plastic material are welded and automatically trimmed.

Suitable for double-sided plastic welding, plastic blister and paper card sealing, special plastic material (PE, EVA, PP, PET, PETG) welding heat sealing, or PVC containing more than 20%, pure PVC plastic welding .

PU leather embossing machine is mainly used in blister packaging, automotive interior trademark pressing, raincoat welding, blowing toys, plastic cover, document bag, liquid cushion, footwear, leather sofa cushion pad, various environmental protection bags, Processing of packaging bags, portable soft bags, etc., various leather concave and convex patterns, pressing of letter characters, leather soft film bronzing, etc.

The PU leather embossing machine has powerful output power, and the peripheral rate generated by the vibration of the equipment is 27.12MHZ or 40.68MHZ in line with the international industrial band standard. The special electronic circuit of various control devices can avoid improper operation and can melt the product at the fastest time. Improve the quality of the products.

Fully automatic control: just put the raw materials, start the equipment, control the IC computer to lower the equipment template, weld, cool and so on.