PU leather embossing machine features and use requirements

- Aug 25, 2018-

The PU leather embossing machine is very suitable for embossing, calendering, punching, cutting, etc. of leather sheets during use. Suitable for all leather or artificial leather goods, fabrics, EVA foam, such as shoes, handbags, wallets, mobile phone shell embossing and so on. The warranty period for the entire equipment is one and a half years, and the after-sales service is a 24-hour on-site service.

PU leather embossing machine features

1. The electric heater heats the embossing plate to emboss.

2. Automatic and manual feeding are acceptable.

3. Heating time, temperature, working pressure and feeding speed can be adjusted.

4. Two-hand operation and bilateral emergency button for safe operation.

PU leather embossing machine hydraulic double head, platform type, sliding table can be optional, hydraulic pressure can be adjusted, timing control molding, its molding time can be arbitrarily adjusted during operation, its intelligent temperature during operation Control so that the set temperature and the actual temperature differ by plus or minus one degree.