Principle and optimized configuration of 3D flat fabric embossing machine

- Nov 07, 2018-

3D flat fabric embossing machine uses pressurized template, power supply for 36 heating tubes through transformer, 8 temperature zone control, full computer control, can enter automatic embossing mode, embossing template is divided into upper and lower concave and convex mold, high pressure cylinder The control template is pressed up and down, and the fully automatic cloth moves.


Since the mold of the 3D flat fabric embossing machine is installed by the hanging plate screw, the disassembly and replacement is simple; three layers of thermal insulation materials are arranged between the upper and lower templates and the frame, and the heat insulation effect is prominent, and the heat is blocked and transmitted along with the rack. To eliminate safety hazards, while keeping warm, heating the mold to a certain temperature is to maintain the heat and reduce the cost of electricity.


The 3D flat fabric embossing machine frame is made of high-quality high-carbon steel. The channel steel welding ensures the frame is strong, and the long-term use is not deformed. The high-quality cylinder is used, the computer controls the solenoid valve, the cylinder up and down delay is accurate, and the pressing time can be changed according to the product, and Accurately control the up and down stroke of the cylinder. When the power is suddenly cut off or the air supply is interrupted, the upper template will not suddenly drop to ensure the safety of personnel.


The 3D flat fabric embossing machine adopts touch screen design, full Chinese menu display, operation display, ARM processor architecture, large memory response and stable operation. In order to achieve a satisfactory embossing effect of the fabric, the automatic control system can ensure the quality of the embossing of the fabric and the pattern is consistent.