Precautions and work efficiency of roll-to-roll paper embossing machine

- Feb 22, 2019-

The roll-to-roll paper embossing machine can be divided into many different models when it is used. The equipment is mainly through computer programming, automatic roll paper, embossing and rewinding machine, glue spraying, trimming, etc., which effectively reduces the labor. Labor, improve work efficiency. It is the ideal equipment for the production of toilet paper rolls.

Roll to roll paper embossing machine precautions

1. Warm the embossing plate half an hour in advance according to the temperature required by the production process. Check that the temperatures in the three temperature zones are consistent.

2. Before working, first check each switch that controls the rise of the table, and check whether the safety and emergency stop switches are effective. When any type of control switch fails, it is not allowed to start work to avoid personal injury! Install the required embossing plate (or screed) according to the production process requirements. Before installing the plate, remove the platen of the fixed embossed plate (or screed) and do not hang it on the bolt to avoid embossing the plate (or Screed). The working pressure when changing the wrench cannot be adjusted too much.