Performance characteristics of Chinese fabric embossing machine

- Sep 26, 2018-

Chinese fabric embossing machine can emboss, foam, wrinkle and press trademark on different fabrics. In addition, it can also press trademarks on non-woven fabrics, coatings, human leather, paper and aluminum plates, and simulate leather patterns and various types. Deep flower patterns, patterns, etc. The Chinese fabric embossing machine has stable operation performance, low machine running loss capability, and humanized operation mode design, which makes the safety performance of the garment embossing machine higher.


Moreover, in actual operation, the Chinese fabric embossing machine runs stably, which enables users to produce with confidence. The machine usually uses the pneumatic cylinder as the motive force to perform the work, and the movement is stable and the performance is reliable. In the operation of the equipment, the automatic punch cycle time is adjustable, and the electronic control can be automatically and continuously stamped for the field of mechatronics.


In the actual operation, the Chinese fabric embossing machine has two-hand button operation, which has high safety. At the same time, the foot switch is set up to spare, and releasing the hands improves the working efficiency. The work process has no impact and can greatly improve work efficiency, processing quality and mold life. In addition, the device also has an automatic counting function, and the hot stamping pressure, temperature, time is adjustable, the height of the hot stamping head is adjustable, and the printed surface has a concave and convex feeling.