Operation process and working mode of double-sided pressure three-roll calender

- Apr 10, 2019-

The double-sided pressure three-roll calender is mainly used to improve the gloss of the paper surface during the operation, and one of the calendering glazing processes, the surface of the printed matter is coated after being operated, and is to be glazed. The layer is dried, and if it is necessary to improve the smoothness and gloss of the glazing coating again, it can be calendered by a calender. Generally, the gloss of the glazing is about 65-85%, and after calendering, it can reach a gloss of 90-95% or more.


The double-sided pressure three-roll calender is mainly composed of a printed matter conveying mechanism, a mechanical transmission, an electrical control system, etc., including a printed matter conveying table, a manual high-pressure oil pump, a hot-pressing roller, a pressure roller, and a speed-regulating drive. Motor, calender steel strip, cooling box, observation door, cooling water tank, ventilation circulation system, transfer roller, print collection table.


Double-sided pressure three-roll calenders typically operate in a continuous roll type. The printed matter is conveyed from the paper feeding table to the calender belt between the hot pressing roller and the pressing roller, and the coating is attached to the surface of the calendering belt to be calendered under the action of temperature and pressure. The calendered glaze layer is gradually cooled to form a shiny surface layer.