Operating system setting and online remote monitoring function of metal color steel embossing machinery

- May 02, 2019-

Metal color steel embossing machinery has become more and more intelligent with the development of its industry. It has become an inevitable trend in the development of modern industry when it is used. Then the embossing machine as a part of the industrial industry also begins to walk. Intelligent route.


Operating system settings for metal color steel embossing machinery


The operator of the metal color steel embossing machine can perform the technical requirements of the required embossing in the background of the system. For example: embossing speed, pressure, pattern depth, embossing roller heating temperature, sheet flatness tolerance range and so on. In addition, the deviation alarm system has been added. If the embossing quality does not meet the standard set by the system background, the system will automatically alarm and remind, and the intelligent embossing machine operating system will become a leap-forward reform of the new technology in the industry.


Metal color steel embossing machine online remote monitoring function


After the intelligent system confirms the basic depth information of the pattern through the system, if there is any inconsistency with the set pattern depth during the embossing process, the pressure system will automatically replenish the pressure, so that it can regain the required embossing depth. .