Operating requirements and roll structure of cotton calender machine

- May 04, 2019-

In the process of designing the cotton cotton calender machine the key is the roll structure, material selection, and the surface treatment and technical parameters. When it is used, its function configuration, in terms of its roll structure, we took Different from the oversized roller diameter mid-height design of the rubber and plastic products industry, the medium height = (D-d)/2, the purpose is to compensate for the deflection of the roll caused by the rolling stress, and to improve the rolling force in the middle part of the roll, forcing The magnetic powder particles flow to both sides.

The cotton calender machine is effective for different roll heating methods that can be used during calendering. In the operation, hollow rolls suitable for steam heating and peripheral drilling rolls suitable for oil heating and water heating are respectively designed. Through the production practice, the heating methods of the two types of holes can meet the requirements of the process for the temperature fluctuation error of the roll surface. In terms of material selection, we use alloy chilled cast iron material with good wear resistance and rigidity. The hardness of the working face of the roll reaches HS72-75.

The cotton calender machine cannot extend the smooth magnetic plate during operation, so special treatment of the roll surface is necessary. Special treatments mainly include surface-spraying wear-resistant materials and hard chrome plating. We use the latter. In order to enhance the bonding strength between hard chrome and alloy chilled cast iron, nickel plating is required before chrome plating, and the thickness of chrome plating after grinding is generally 0.05-0.08 mm. It should be specially pointed out that in the production of a PVC film magnetic plate, the horizontal two-roll calender is preferably configured as a chrome roll and the other is an alloy chilled cast iron roll. The surface of the magnetic plate rolled by the alloy chilled cast iron roll is relatively rough, which is beneficial to enhance the bonding strength between the PVC film and the magnetic plate.www.embochina.com