Napkin paper embossing machine operation process and paper output efficiency

- Jun 03, 2019-

The napkin paper embossing machine is also called a napkin paper embossing machine for performing the operation, and is used for embossing, folding, electronically counting and cutting the raw material paper into a finished napkin product.

The napkin paper embossing machine has a common type and a high speed type. The ordinary type can produce 400 sheets in one minute and 600 sheets in high speed. The device has an embossing function and can be added with color printing function. Models are available from 180-330, and the price varies depending on the model size. The equipment is equipped with automatic paper break and electronic counting function. The device can be operated by one person.

Napkin paper embossing machine operation process

1. After the paper shaft is placed, the paper is guided to the embossing roller to have a synchronous paper feeding device. After the paper comes out of the embossing roll, a paper cutter will cut the paper.

2. The cut paper is folded around the roller shaft through the triangular plate, and the folded paper is the upper and lower layers.

3. Enter the paper feed roller feed roller to feed the paper into the folding roller. The folding roller folds the paper out (the size of the fold is customized according to customer requirements).

4. The folded paper has a sawing machine to cut the paper, and the electronic counting is completed in one time to complete the double-layer