Metal color steel embossing machinery mastery of the operation

- Mar 12, 2019-

Metal color steel embossing machinery mastery of the operation

The metal color steel embossing machinery should check the hydraulic oil before use. When the height of the hydraulic oil is 2/3 of the height of the base, when the refueling time is insufficient, the fine filtration should be carried out before the injection. It stands on the next oil hole 20 and adds pure hydraulic oil. It is generally applied to two-thirds of the lower height stations through the oil level reference.


Check the lubrication between the shafts of each guide column and refuel in time to maintain good lubrication. Then move the metal color plate embossing machine control handle to the vertical position, so that the oil return port is closed, press the button to start the motor, the oil enters the cylinder from the pump, the piston drive rises, when the hot plate is closed, the pump continues to supply, when pressed When the button is stopped, the oil pressure rises to the desired value. The machine is in the unpacked state, the curing time is reached, and the plunger is moved to lower the handle of the mold.


The temperature control of the hot plate of the metal color steel embossing machinery is completed by rotating the close button, and the heating plate is started. When the temperature reaches the preset value, the heating stops automatically. When the temperature is lower than the set value, the tablet is always heated at the set value. The metal color plate embossing machine vulcanizer controls the operation. When the hydraulic pressure reaches the set value, the AC contactor is disconnected and the automatic recording starts the curing time. When the pressure drops, the pump motor starts to automatically pressurize.