Maintenance techniques for embossing rolls in a four-roll embossing machine

- Oct 15, 2018-

In order to enable the four-roll embossing machine to produce a high-quality embossing effect, it is important to ensure the surface pattern of the embossing roll. It is usually necessary to smear the embossing rolls of the four-roll embossing machine, such as pickling and rust removing, using organic matter to remove oil, etc. to ensure that the surface is clean and free of dirt.


Mechanical blasting is usually one of the ways to improve its effectiveness. The surface roughness of the embossing roll is increased by sand blasting, and the surface area of the bonding interface can be increased by several times or even several times, and the bonding force between the surface pattern and the embossing roll is correspondingly improved. The unevenness of the surface generated by the blasting treatment increases the bonding strength of the surface of the embossing roll of the four-roll embossing machine.


In addition, the embossing roller of the four-roll embossing machine should be kept dry to prevent re-rusting, especially in the summer air, the water will form a water film on the treated roller surface, causing the embossing roller to rust. Usually the maintenance of the embossing roller is also very important, especially the surface pattern, pay attention to timely cleaning, to prevent dirt from blocking the texture, when cleaning, pay attention to the use of specific tools, do not use brute force, be careful according to the direction of the pattern carefully Clean up.