Maintenance and precautions for the three roller embossing machine

- Mar 18, 2019-

In order to ensure that the three roller embossing machine always maintains a good working condition, the maintenance and repair of the equipment is very important, especially the mechanical transmission part of the three-roll embossing machine, should be regularly refueled, and pay attention to the cloth strip, the paper scraps block the transmission part .


Secondly, the ultrasonic generator and the transducer in the three roller embossing machine must not enter the water and remain clean. There is a high voltage output current in the transducer. Do not approach and avoid injury. The three roller embossing machine must ensure reliable grounding during installation. In the working state, the output end is strictly prohibited to open.


When the three roller embossing machine is working, if the working current of the ultrasonic generator is too high, or the ultrasonic power is insufficient, it should be shut down immediately. After the fault is found, the main work can be started. It has 8 hours of continuous working time. When installing the flower wheel or operation, be careful not to press your fingers into the flower wheel.