Introduction of the use of the four roller embossing machine rolls

- Jan 10, 2019-

The four-roller embossing machine can be used for hot pressing and cold pressing of different materials, and four of the embossing rolls can be switched at will without being removed. In the composition of the machine, the working conditions of the roller components are the most complicated. Residual stresses and thermal stresses are generated in the preparation process of the rolls prior to manufacture and use. Moreover, it is further subjected to various cyclic stresses, including bending, torsion, shearing force, contact stress and thermal stress.

Under the influence of these forces, the stress distribution of the roll body of the four-roll embossing machine will not be uniform and constantly changing. The reasons are not only the design factors, but also the wear, temperature and roll shape of the roll during use. . In addition, rolling conditions often have abnormalities. Rolls that are improperly cooled after use can also be damaged by thermal stress.

Based on the above factors, the rolls in the four-roll embossing machine must have strong wear resistance, and the strength, wear resistance and other various performance indexes should have a better match. In this way, not only is it durable under normal rolling conditions, but it can also be less damaged in the event of some abnormal rolling.