Instructions for use of ultrasonic fabric embossing machine and specific operation contents

- May 16, 2019-

Ultrasonic fabric embossing machine new machine instructions and operation content

1. Adjusting nut of ultrasonic fabric embossing machine: Ultrasonic fabric embossing machine effectively limits the length of cylinder stroke.

2. Pressure roller cylinder of ultrasonic fabric embossing machine: It can effectively control the rise and fall of the pressure roller when it is used.

3. Pressure roller switch of ultrasonic fabric embossing machine: pressure roller control switch, on the left side of the machine head, click the pressure roller to lower

4. Formwork: Fix the flower wheel.

5. Flower wheel: The mold for sewing and cutting the workpiece.

6. Cooling fan: Heats the vibrating sub-temperature so that it can work for a long time.

7. Flower wheel cylinder: Control the rise and fall of the flower wheel.

8. Handpiece: The transmission mechanism of the fixed flower wheel.

9. Barometer: Indicates the pressure and pressure applied to the workpiece by the flower wheel.

10. Pneumatic valve: According to the actual needs, the air pressure adjustment, after adjustment, the nut should be locked. The adjustment range is generally between 1 and 10 Kg/cm2.

11. Countertop: The platform for machining the workpiece.

12. Vibration box: Control the operating program of the machine.

13. Vibrating cylinder: Fix the vibrator and steel mold.

14. Rack: Support the machine body.

15. Pedal: In the right foot position, control the operation of the flower wheel and steel mold.

16. Flower wheel pedal: In the left foot position, control the flower wheel