Installation and commissioning process of toilet paper embossing machine

- Feb 28, 2019-

In the operation of the toilet paper embossing machine, the paper is easily replaced, and the paper can be arbitrarily extracted during operation, thereby effectively improving work efficiency. For the user, the installation and commissioning have a great influence on the service life and embossing quality of the toilet paper embossing machine. What problems should be paid attention to during the operation?


First of all, the base of the toilet paper embossing machine should be kept flat and firm. If the stability of the base is not ideal, then after a period of use, it is easy to cause abnormal conditions due to equipment vibration, and the machine is skewed, resulting in unstable operation, which affects the quality of the embossed product.


The second is to do a good job before and after the test run of the toilet paper embossing machine. This is because the commissioning of the equipment is an important task. Before that, it is necessary to carefully check whether the parts and components are intact, whether the screws are loose, whether the oil passage is unblocked, whether there is any jamming in various parts, or on the machine. Whether the dynamic travel switch is reliable and sensitive, the debris around the machine must also be cleaned up.


In addition, the balance of the toilet paper embossing machine should be checked regularly. If it is found to be skewed, it should be leveled in time to avoid wear and tear on the parts and reduce the accuracy and service life of the equipment.