Hydraulic embossing machine safety device and high efficiency

- May 27, 2019-

The hydraulic embossing machine has safety devices in use, and it is safe and convenient in operation. The equipment has the advantages of high pressure, high speed and good embossing quality, which can increase the electric heating of the lower working surface and increase the embossing speed, thereby improving Yield.

Hydraulic embossing machines are mainly used for the flattening of the joints of copper and aluminum busbars, embossing, enhanced electrical conductivity and extended maintenance cycle. No deformation and no burrs after pressing. The plug-in structure is adopted to ensure the uniformity of the force of the copper and aluminum rows.

Hydraulic embossing machine single oil circuit oil system design, high efficiency and high efficiency. The hydraulic system on the construction machinery is used, which brings the advantages of sufficient pressure, stable operation, quietness and little interference from the outside world. Of course, the consequent cost is also relatively higher than that of a pneumatic embossing machine. The air pressure type embossing machine uses the air source as the power, the pressure is small, and the running smoothness is easily affected by the pressure of the air source, which will affect the quality of the product, and the cost is lower than that of the hydraulic embossing machine. www.embochina.com