How to properly use and maintain the rubber roller

- Jul 19, 2019-

Proper storage of idle rubber rollers.

After the rubber roller to be used should be cleaned, the plastic film is used to seal the gel and placed on the rubber roller frame. Do not stack a few pieces or place it by the wall, so as to avoid the undue loss of the gel. . During the transportation process of the used rubber roller to the processing and casting, it is forbidden to throw the chaotic pressure or heavy pressure, keep the roller core unbiased and not bent, to ensure the normal use of the roller core.

The roller head and bearing should be well lubricated.

We know that the precision of the rubber roller shaft head and bearing directly affects the effect of ink transfer and ink discharge. If the poor lubrication causes the rubber roller shaft head, the wear and clearance of the bearing will inevitably lead to the disadvantage of uneven printing ink color. At the same time, it will cause printing bar marks due to bad conditions such as jumping rubber and slip rubber. Therefore, the rubber roller shaft and the bearing should be filled with lubricating oil to prevent the normal use of the rubber roller and ensure the printing quality.