Garment embossing machine with stable rate and anti-interference device

- Aug 31, 2018-

The garment embossing machine has a stable weekly rate during the operation, and its output peripheral rate is stable to a certain extent and is in line with its industrial band standard to a certain extent. The output force is strong: low loss coaxial oscillator, coherent tuner The output force is strong to shorten the welding time and increase the output.

The safety performance of the garment embossing machine, to a certain extent, whether it is suddenly encountered power outage or gas outage, the machine is in a static state, will not suddenly rise or fall; improve the safety of workers. High-speed coherent adjuster; according to the size of the product and material thickness adjustment, it can greatly reduce the necessary welding time and increase the production capacity of the machine.

The garment embossing machine has an anti-interference device, and is equipped with a frequency stabilizer and a high-frequency magnetic field shielding system device to reduce the high-frequency interference. The rugged rack of the entire equipment is stable and durable, and the heating of the entire equipment can be used for different product processing needs when it is used. Push-and-pull operation on the left and right; suitable for hot-welding or sealing of large-sized plastic (plastic) products.