Functional description of each part of 3D hydraulic embossing machine and working requirements of ammeter

- May 31, 2019-

The vibration box function of the 3D hydraulic embossing machine shows that the amplitude display of the 3D hydraulic embossing machine during operation is mainly suitable for the resonance between the ultrasonic vibrator and the steel mold. Rotate the sonic adjustment knob to change the reading, generally to 50 or less.

3D hydraulic embossing machine ammeter

The 3D hydraulic embossing machine indicates the operating current of the ultrasonic wave. The state of resonance between the welding head and the system at no load is generally 0.4-0.6A, depending on the output power. When loading, it depends on the pressing area and the flower wheel and the complexity and size, usually from 1.0 to 2.5. A. Adjust the output power to different file locations and the ammeter reading will change.

Functional description of each part of 3D hydraulic embossing machine

1) Adjust the nut: Limit the length of the cylinder stroke.

2) Pressure roller cylinder: Control the pressure wheel to rise and fall.

3) Pressure roller switch: Pressure roller control switch, on the left side of the machine head. Click on the pressure roller to drop

4) Formwork: Fix the flower wheel.

5) Flower wheel: The mold for sewing and cutting the workpiece.

6) Cooling fan: Heats the vibrating sub-temperature so that it can work for a long time.

7) Flower wheel cylinder: Control the rise and fall of the flower wheel.

8) Handpiece: The transmission mechanism of the fixed flower wheel.

9) Barometer: Indicates the pressure and pressure applied to the workpiece by the flower wheel.

10) Pneumatic valve: Adjust the air pressure according to actual needs. After adjustment, the nut should be locked. The adjustment range is generally between 1 and 10 Kg/cm2.

11) Countertop: The platform for machining the workpiece.

12) Vibration box: Control the operation program of the machine.

13) Vibrating cylinder: Fix the vibrator and steel mold.

14) Rack: Support the machine body.

15) Foot pedal: Control the operation of the flower wheel and steel mold at the right foot position.

16) Flower wheel pedal: In the left foot position, control the flower wheel