Functional description and use requirements of various parts of hydraulic 3D embossing machine

- Sep 13, 2018-

The hydraulic 3D embossing machine specializes in the production of artificial leather, microfiber cloth and embossing machine on the sofa fabric during the operation. Before using the new machine, you must read the manual of the ultrasonic compression machine.

Functional description of each part of hydraulic 3D embossing machine

1. Adjust the nut: Limit the length of the cylinder stroke.

2. Pressure roller cylinder: Control the pressure wheel to rise and fall.

3. Pressure wheel switch: Pressure wheel control switch, on the left side of the machine head.

4. Formwork: Fix the flower wheel.

5. Flower wheel: The mold for sewing and cutting the workpiece.

6. Cooling fan: Heats the vibrating sub-temperature so that it can work for a long time.

7. Flower wheel cylinder: Control the rise and fall of the flower wheel.

8. Handpiece: The transmission mechanism of the fixed flower wheel.

9. Barometer: Indicates the pressure and pressure applied to the workpiece by the flower wheel.

10. Pneumatic valve: Adjust the air pressure according to actual needs. After adjustment, the nut should be locked. The adjustment range is generally between 1 and 10 Kg/cm2.